Hi, my name is Lynne.


I am a registered occupational therapist (OT), birth doula and Reiki practitioner

I believe there's more than one way to birth (babies, mothers and businesses), heal from trauma, grief and illness and live. It may be obvious, but often life is not so black and white. Fear, shame and doubt come into play way more than most like to acknowledge; whether it's dealing with some hard stuff or actually getting out of our own way to enjoy the life you have or want to create.  

Simplicity. Shame resilience and Surrender are my main three pillars. Oh and applying a multi-sensory approach to sensitivity. 

I love getting in bed when there are fresh sheets and driving down to my brother-in-laws house with the tall big trees. My favourite season is fall, when I cozy up in a sweater, blanket and good book. Of course, kisses from my children is priceless. And I've never had coffee. Just don't like the smell. Did I tell you I was sensitive?

MY passion and strength is in supporting:

1. Sensitive kids and parents

2. Fertility, birth and maternal care

3. Families dealing with cancer (while in it or re-integrating) 

4. Women aligning their work and home life to reflect their values. 

And often we are addressing all of the above. 


Providing space, life skills and practical support to not just survive when life presents you with a health issue.  

Don’t look for someone who will solve all of your problems.
Look for someone who won’t let you face them alone.
— Brene Brown

I believe there's more than one way to birth (babies, mothers, businesses), heal from trauma/grief/illness and live. It may be obvious but often it's not so black and white. As fear, shame and doubt come into play way more than most like to acknowledge, whether it's dealing with some hard stuff or actually getting out of our own way to enjoy the life we have or want to create. 

My name is Lynne. 


In the photo above, you wouldn't know it, but prior to my daughter being born,

I had struggled conceiving and lost two pregnancies.  That was hard.


things aren't always as they seem are they? 


Then my husband was diagnosed with cancer during my third pregnancy & 

undergoing treatment for cancer

 while  I was finding my rhythm as a new mother.


That was really hard. 


All completely unexpected. 

While I found my way in the dark (my healthcare and paediatric background certainly helped), I didn't give up on my dreams and I slowly but surely found the right people who could support me along my healing and motherhood journey. I moved on from my traditional work setting as an occupational therapist (which I love and still do) so I could embrace all of me and serve my ideal clients one on one, in groups or on retreats— locally in Toronto and all over the world. And life, although still not always 'easy', the bumps in the road are easier to handle as I have the skills, energy and community to support all that is. 


bienvenue. mi casa su casa.           



Explorer at heart. Creative rebel.

Visionary therapist.

Author. Speaker. Healer.

Wife. Friend. Sister. 

And of course, a mom.


These are parts of my story,

but not all of my story. 


There's so much more I could say and yet the simple, not so simple truth is that:  

1. we are all on this wild (and sometimes impossible) journey

2. we walk our individuals paths

3. there's no need to do it alone.


In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.
— Buddha

official bio


I speak many languages (including French and English)


Since 2005,  I’ve worked with children and adults dealing with a full range of issues—from developmental delays to significant trauma after an accident, illness or  other neurological or mental health conditions.

Specifically, I’ve worked with the following organizations:

  • Windsor Regional Hospital- Rehab (stroke, amputees, MS) and Acute care (knee/hip surgery, discharge planning)

  • Quinte Children's Treatment Centre (neonatal in NICU for feeding to running teen groups, handwriting and fine motor skills, motor development for babies and toddlers, transition to school, oncology)

  • Neuro-Rehab Services Inc.- community work with kids and adults with brain injuries after a motor vehicle accident- coping, engagement in day to day activities, community reintegration, return to work/school.

  • VHA Rehab- assessment and consultation  in home, schools, daycares with children from newborn to school-aged on development, feeding, sensory, fine motor/handwriting, home modifications and access, equipment.

In 2013, a little burn out from seeing 20-25 different families in the community a week and having outgrown the traditional way things were done (all the paper work and generic reports!), I mustered up all the courage I had and moved on to focus on my wellbeing and start my entrepreneurial journey. It's not been 'easy' but it's been worthwhile.  

additional training




discernment & grace 

Children's treatment centre

Attention to detail



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