increase function and find meaning


Occupational therapy is the art + science of enabling engagement of everyday living, for you or your child, through activities that are important and of value to you.



We believe that: 

Every person is uniquePeople are social and spiritual beingsWe shape and are shaped by our environments Health is more than absence of disease

You are an expert regarding your own life


Life is not all rainbows and butterflies, and so finding adaptive ways to cope as well as develop essential life skills when things fall apart are healthy approaches to living a full life. 

I work with families one on one, in Toronto and online. 

non-judgmental, sustainable approach for adults:

  • Increase self-awareness and healthy thought management

  • Explore where you are at and where you want to go; get inspired to make small changes

  • Address one or many areas of your life including self-care (the basics of sleep, mealtime, me time), shifting careers, time, money and stress management, increasing fun.


"You know that feeling when no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to keep your head above water? Like you're drowning in a sea of to-do lists, chores, work, kids and life! I've been there and Lynne was one of my lifelines. She is my motherhood mentor, my parenting coach and my constant reminder to sloooow down and keep things simple."

"I always come away feeling more at peace, with grace for myself as a mother and with some doable actions after a session with Lynne” —mother of two

play-based, multi-sensory approach for kids of all ages:

  • Child development— motor skills for baby in first year (grasp, tummy time, rolling, sitting, standing, walking) as well as support with sleep and feeding.

  • Improve fine motor skills & boost confidence in printing, cutting and other daily activities for school aged kids.

  • Understand how to best support your child based on his/her sensory needs

  • Address self-regulation, fears and anxieties.

  • Play, mealtime, sleep & transitions are all part of daily life— we consult on these areas as well.


"Lynne has been working with my son on his fine motor skills, general coordination and some emotional processing and I’ve seen some huge improvements. He falls a lot less often. He is so much better at writing his name and generally seems more confdent about his printing skills. With a little brother who shares the spotlight, he adored having her all to himsefl and felt very special. If you’ve been tempted to hire Lynne, like I was forever, go for it. Once you see her with your kids, you’ll want her to stay forever. The energy in the room changes when she enters and kids are drawn to her. Plus they listen to Lynne and genuinely want to impress and please her."

consultation + mentoring

Each family is unique and so I'm happy to meet you where you are at.
Simply get in touch to further discuss your needs and goals. 

Initial Home Visit within Toronto (east end)
$180 session

For virtual sessions (phone or video)
$150 an hour



If you have extended health care benefit insurance, your plan may cover occupational therapy services offered in Ontario, Canada.

a few words from other moms:

"I hesitated hiring Lynne due to cost and I wasn’t sure it would work, however I’m so glad we worked together because things feel so much smoother now. Lynne is genuine, non-judgemental and committed to finding helpful solutions. I’m not taking my child’s behavior so personally and am enjoying being with my kids as a result. I would definitely recommend Lynne to anyone going through a hard time with life or with parenting."

"Lynne is very supportive of the child and family unit. She found solutions for some things that weren't even on my radar. I liked that the answer was not always given, but instead gave us things to think about. This helped develop our skills for problem solving other issues. My son enjoys and looks forward to sessions and is developing."

"There is something really calming and kind about Lynne's presence and I always feel wonderful about myself regardless of any insecurity. She makes me feel safe."

"When I first contacted Lynne I wasn’t sure there even was a 'fix' to what we were experiencing - so was it worth trying for one? My son was diagnosed with Leukemia and I was juggling three kids under 5 years of age.

However, in our initial conversation she cited a number of small victories and slow changes from her life that gave me cause to believe maybe I couldn't change everything, but maybe I could get closer to my ideal. I was feeling guilty to admit that I needed this investment in myself, to get through this and be there for my family, but she validated me without adding any pressure.

There have been so many small changes since working with Lynne that have made our house more peaceful and are helping the kids feel more secure.

What I liked the best was that it was truly our time. That there was a time set aside focused on reflection and problem solving. That even though I knew full well she had her own pile of crap to deal with, that for that time, it could truly be about me. There was literally no other way for me to have that, guilt free.

I was heard and understood and totally not judged. I can't imagine another scenario where that is possible, and it was so necessary to moving forward.

Lynne has a unique gift. “

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send me an email or phone me here