it definitely takes more...

skill, patience and energy to parent a child who is sensitive. Especially one who is intense and willful.

I often hear parents say "how do I nurture their spirit, without damaging it?" 

To tell you the truth, it's an ever-evolving process that takes conscious effort.

You're definitely not alone in wanting to find a better way to support your child (no matter what age) or simply talk to parents who can relate. We all know that the typical advice and books just don't cut it. 

With some understanding, it is possible to decrease the intensity and frequency of struggles, so that there is more calm and less chaos.

Imagine a space where you can:

  1. Learn what it means to be sensitive

  2. Gain insight about the journey of raising a secure and functional highly sensitive child (HSC)

  3. Explore what is required of you as a parent, sensitive or not

  4. Identify your strengths as a family, explore the triggers and practice some strategies

And most importantly, know that the time and effort you invest will actually make a difference in your family’s life. The evidence says so.


Em-Path is a four week group program

Four 60-Minute Calls

All calls at 8:30pm-9:30pm EST (the local time in Toronto, Canada)

Calls will be recorded & available within 24 hours for those who miss them.

Registration closed


I believe...

  • every child is unique.

  • we, including our kids, are doing our best.

  • our children are humbling. they are also our spiritual teachers.

A little about me.

When I discovered that sensitivity is a temperament trait, it explained a lot. It helped me accept who I am and shift the pattern of being hard on myself for being "too sensitive" or "emotional" like I was told as a child.

Our sensitive children, from a young age, can start to believe that something is wrong with them, when there really isn't— they may perceive it that way. And so knowing this as adults, we can empower them to use their sensitivity as an advantage rather than a source of anxiety. 

Can you imagine if all parents, teachers and caregivers knew about this? #knowledgeispower

Now, I have an opportunity to not only educate and guide my own two daughters, but also the parents and children I work with. 

In addition to being a registered occupational therapist (OT) since 2005, I’ve completed Dr. Elaine Aron’s program on Psychotherapy and the Highly Sensitive Person and am listed on her site as one of two therapists in Ontario. 

this program may be a good fit if

  • You are losing your patience more often than enjoying time with your child #endofrope

  • You want to better support yourself and your child and really see sensitivity as a strength rather than something that’s ‘wrong’

  • You’re excited to be a part of a group who share similar struggles and to be there for them while navigating their own journey


this program may not be a good fit if…

  • Your February is so packed and you’ll barely have time to be on the call or watch the replays, let alone do anything in between the calls.

  • You’re looking for occupational therapy assessment and treatment— in which case visit your local peadiatric OT clinic. However this may be a great adjunct with other support and/or may even help you discern what supports you need if any.

  • All of our group conversations happen on Facebook. If you aren’t on it, this program is likely not going to work very well for you.

what’s included in em-path?

Four Group Coaching Calls + Recordings: Each call will last 60 minutes and be heavily focused on answering your questions directly. Expect these calls to be low in theory and high in holding space. These calls will happen on Tuesdays, starting February 7th.

The Em-Path Material: Each week, you will be invited to explore simple content and an exercise related to the topic of that week to help you move smoothly and effortlessly through the process.

Private Facebook group During and in between calls you'll have a chance to connect with the other participants in a private forum where you can be as real and vulnerable as you’d like (knowing that this is a non-judgemental space) and be understood. You'll be able to share your progress (which may inspire others) and your struggles (for which I can promise you there will be both emotional and tactical support). 

Subliminal ‘Embrace Your Sensitivity’ Track Often our children need lots of coaching (as do many of us adults) when it comes to remembering our inherent worth. And so I am creating our very own track for participants of Em-Path to use at bedtime, while in the car or while doing (home)work to fill our subconscious mind with all of the most nurturing thoughts.

Cost $248 CDN

"You know that feeling when no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to keep your head above water? Like you're drowning in a sea of to-do lists, chores, work, kids and life! I've been there and Lynne was one of my lifelines. She is my motherhood mentor, my parenting coach and my constant reminder to sloooow down and keep things simple."


This group is just the tip of the iceberg! 

During this time, you will expand your understanding of high sensitivity, alleviate the feeling that something is wrong with your child, leave feeling less irritated and with more insight to guide your child through.  

More than anything, a big part of this experience will be hearing other parents' experiences and stories— which helps make the journey easier when you have people to share it with.

Frequently asked questions

is this for parents Of young children?

This program applies to parents with children of all ages, including teenagers and young adults.

I’m not sure I really Need this…

That’s a fair question. Only you know the path you walk, what you need and when a program may be the right time. If you’re unsure, ask yourself what you stand to lose if you join? What do you gain if you don’t join? Still unsure, schedule a discovery call.

is this for moms only?

Absolutely not. The program is designed for any adult who takes care of children, including grand-parents and teachers. 

i’m not sure my child Is highly sensitive…

Take this test. You will also get a deeper understanding of this trait in the program and come to know you’re not alone.

do you provide a receipt for ot?

Yes I do. When you register, you will let me know whether you require a receipt to submit to your insurance company to be reimbursed for occupational therapy.

what is your refund policy?

I would love to offer you a guarantee that you would receive your money back if you’re not happy with the program…maybe I could. Would that help you?

The simplest, most energetically sound offer is that once you register, you have faith in your purchase (even though you may have some doubts and nerves arise). You are making a commitment to you and your family. Facing your fear that things won’t change is pretty common. If this happens, promise to talk to me.

In an event of an emergency, we will review any unique and special circumstances, however a $50 administration fee will apply. 


Do you have a question? Let me know