Simplicity Parenting Series



This is our space for the next six weeks where we will explore and reflect on the pillars of simplicity. Most of our communication will happen on the calls and in the main Facebook group

Here is the Zoom link. Simply click and go. Give yourself a few minutes to settle in before the call. Grab a drink, pen and notebook. Sessions will be up to 90 minutes from 8:30 - 10:00 PM EST

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:


group agreements

It's important that we honour where we are at individually and feel comfortable sharing in the group. And so in order to cultivate a safe space, here are some agreements to guide us:  

  • Speak in the centre of the circle using "I" statements.

  • Learn to respond to others with open, honest questions.

  • When the going gets rough, turn to inquiry + wonder.

  • Be aware of the amount of 'air time' you are using.

  • Trust and learn from silence. Welcome it.

  • No fixing, saving, advising or shaming.

  • Be as fully present as possible.

  • Observe deep confidentiality.

  • Listen with soft eyes.

Please reach out to me or to one another as we go. Life is definitely better when we can support each other. Here's to the journey.