Getting rid of toys can be an emotional thing - it’s hard to let go of our child’s past. But letting go is necessary for your child’s growth and more so, for your own sanity around the house. This guide will help you with both the practical and the emotional side of letting of your child’s old toys and clearing  space for new growth for your family.


this book covers:

  • Why simplify— top benefits for kids (and parents)

  • What is getting in the way

  • The nitty gritty: activities of daily life (dressing, bathing and grooming, mealtime, play, reading stories, arts and crafts, keepsakes)

  • Going forward

I just read every word. It’s beyond lovely. It’s kind, compassionate, encouraging, and so visually soothing. I want to paste it everywhere, and tell everyone to read it!
— Step mom of two teenagers

about lynne, the author

Lynne helps families find their way through the mess and beauty of life, one on one, in groups and on retreats in Toronto and online. She inspires them to develop new habits, skills and perspectives that make parenting— and life— more meaningful. 

She combines her background as a holistic occupational therapist and doula with her experience as a highly sensitive mother, meeting every family where they are at, so that they can feel more calm, confident and connected. 

I grew up with a mom who is a simplicity guru so I’ve been coached on these ideas and have benefited countless times from simplifying my home and possessions. But your book had some extras— like the grounding/centering activity and self-compassion!
— Mom of three from Vancouver
We really DO have so many of the negative thoughts running through our head that you discuss, the feeling bad about getting rid of gifts and expensive things! It resonated so deeply for me. I keep thinking of all the money spent on so many things that just don’t matter!
— Mom who sold her house to travel in RV

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This is such an important conversation and the way you weave your gentle, loving compassion throughout...it’s stellar!
This is a fantastic ebook, with such rich, yummy content and so so beautiful!