Relief through Reiki


go from stressed to grounded


I see you.
You are positive, smart and kind.
You show up every day for your family.
And you’re doing awesome.

Except that lately,
things are a bit overwhelming.  

You’re doing your best,
and you’re learning what it means to trust and let go.


Is this you..

  • You’re a creative person, but you’re having trouble in one particular area of your life.  Conception. Motherhood. Health. Meaningful work.
  • You are surrounded by people who love and support you, but inside you feel a bit lonely because you never imagined the path being this hard.
  • You are happy for people around you, but you are also triggered by pregnancy announcements, births gone smoothly and/or parents with 'easy' children. 

"There was something quite liberating, to articulate the feelings and experiences around our fertility journey, with someone who understands, and not just stating the mechanics of what we are experiencing, but the emotional impact of it. I loved the stillness and peace of my Reiki experience! "

deep down you know what to do

You want to dig deeper and clear any energetic blocks because you can feel the strain on your relationships and the pressure you put on yourself.

You invest time and energy in the right support
because you're learning you can’t do this alone.

It feels good to be seen, heard and understood.

get some relief & relax
with energy healing


    prayer flag.jpg

    During our hour together, you will:

    1. Uncover the emotion and thought that is blocking you
    2. Set an intention to create or attract more of what you want in your life
    3. Release the pain and raise your vibration

    Space to be + energy medicine equals  grounding.

    Chi Junky Studio
    70 McGee, Leslieville

    "Participating in some 'me' time was a huge benefit. I felt very relaxed and grounded after the session.  It was that peace that I strive to have on a more regular & daily basis. I wish I could just bottle it up and wear it all day!"

    Lynne Newman-8090.jpg

    A little about me.

    A former-perfectionist and sensitive soul, Lynne Newman is the mom of two miracles and the wife to an 8 year-cancer-warrior. She’s an inspiring speaker, author and holistic occupational therapist. She loves to support women make small yet profound changes so they can enjoy life no matter the situation. She is also a certified simplicity life coach and birth doula. Her ultimate wish: That every mother and child listen and trust their intuition.



    Relief with Reiki can be a wonderful adjunct to whatever you’re already doing and may give you the permission to simplify and tune in. If you feel called, why not give it a try? When the student is ready, the teacher appears...perhaps that's what's happening...

    I do so many things already. Will this really help?


    I’m a regulated occupational therapist and use Reiki as one way to help you manage stress, improve relaxation and master some emotional and spiritual skills essential to navigating the ups and downs of life.

    do you have a registration number?

    Some insurance plans do cover occupational therapy, however I recommend that you verify with your provider.  And if they don’t cover it, request that they do!

    Is this covered under
    most insurance plans?


    Chi Junky Studio
    70 McGee, Leslieville

    "Lynne is such a spiritual connoisseur. She has
    boosted my journey by about 1000!"  

    "This was a very sincere opportunity to really connect with myself (and especially baby #3) in a way that I don’t often allow myself or even know how to do. I felt a sense of release - like a weight was lifted - even just a little - afterwards in the same way that I feel a sense of rest and calm after a yoga class."

    "I uncovered something in my session that I nearly forgot about (my miscarriages) and it was powerful enough to make me cry."

    Please note that once you book, we require 48 hours for cancellations. 

    Do you have questions? Let us know.