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this program may be a good fit if…

  • It’s hard to be there for your child— your patience is running thin

  • You are often overstimulated at the exact times that your child needs you most

  • You’ve tried taking deep breaths, being gentle and giving lots of hugs and ask ‘what is wrong?’ or mutter ‘WTF’

  • You’re willing to spend time and energy deepening your awareness

  • You’re willing to admit there may be some things you don’t know

  • You like and trust me and are familiar with my work

  • You’re excited to be a part of a group and to be there for others on their own journeys too.

this program may not be a good fit if…

  • Your January/February is so packed and you won’t have time to make the calls or watch the replay and participate in the group

  • You feel like you’ve got a good handle on your family’s ups and downs and have the support, strategies and tools required.

  • Your child is under 3 years old. This program may still meet your needs, however, we will not be going in depth regarding the developmental stages in the early years or addressing specific issues around toileting and mealtime.

  • All of our group conversations happen on Facebook. If you aren’t on it, this program is likely not going to work very well for you

important: what this program is not

It’s important to mention this.

A complete answer

One on one support
This program is not the same as hiring a therapist, coach or participating in a small group mastermind where you get a great deal of personal attention from the instructor. I’ll do my best to answer people’s questions personally as we go, but there’s a possibility that I may not get to everyone each week. However, I can say that there’s a very solid chance that, due to the structure of the program, you will get some incredibly solid advice from the other participants.

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what’s included in em-path?

Private Facebook Group: During and in between calls you'll have a chance to connect with the other participants in a private forum where you can let it all hang out and get the honest and direct feedback you're craving. You'll be able to share your wins (which may inspire others) and your struggles (for which I can promise you there will be both emotional and tactical support).