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As mothers, we don’t always have control over the things that happen to us or to our families. Poor health, money and relationship troubles— these are all things that happen.

They are the given circumstances of our lives. But circumstances often get to be our first teachers too.

As mothers they can teach us to cultivate compassion, to let go, to honour ourselves, to care for ourselves and to intentionally slow down. Because while we don’t always have jurisdiction over the things that happen to us, we do get to choose how we respond to them. We do get to choose how we respond to crisis, to illness, to loss, to being brand new at the job or simply to being exhausted. We do get to choose to parent through the overwhelm, exhaustion or pain.

But it’s not easy and it requires practice. That’s why we created Paddock.


what is paddock?

It is a one-day-workshop using Equine Therapy as a framework to support Mom’s at all stages, (including those wanting to be Moms but experiencing fertility struggles and those who's children have left the nest).

Participants will be led through a series of highly reflective exercises using horses as a conduit to help us learn about ourselves and ultimately to get a better handle on how we react and parent in times of stress.

The workshop will be co-facilitated by Lynne Newman, (registered Occupational Therapist and Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach), and Jennifer Schramm, (Equine Therapist and Life Coach). You will be given time to reflect in nature among horses, (they are so gentle!), and share and hear stories with like-minded women. You will eat delicious food. Paddock is a safe enclosure to help Moms who want to be more present and are also craving more time and energy for themselves.


why horses and what exactly is equine therapy anyway?

Very much like children, horses are profoundly intuitive. They can sense our energy and even provide mirrors for our emotional states. In short, horses can measure our states-of-being and levels of presence with them and provide immediate feedback. The feedback can bring awareness to thoughts, feelings and patterns which in turn fosters the ability to choose our responses to challenging situations rather than being ruled by them.

Today, Equine Therapy is being used widely across many disciplines to treat issues ranging from autism to social anxiety, from coping with grief to dealing with physical disabilities. Studies are showing positives outcomes in areas of social development as well as therapeutic, motivational and educational benefits, and enhanced quality of life. There is a significant amount of anecdotal evidence in support of the burgeoning studies on the topic.


*This workshop will host four to six women.

**If you have benefits that cover occupational therapy, I will provide you with a receipt on the day of our workshop. 



jennifer schramm

is a Life Coach, Registered Counsellor and an Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator. She has been coaching people and facilitating personal discovery workshops for over 10 years with and without horses.  Jennifer helps people from all walks of life (most commonly people who aim to live passionately and purposefully and want to make a difference in the world) make peace with themselves so that they can overcome their personal barriers, step into their self-confidence and bring their unique talents into the world.  Her mission is simple:  To help you stop living in your head, and start living in your heart.  




lynne newman

A former-perfectionist, Lynne Newman is the mom of two spirited children and the wife to a 7 year-cancer-warrior. She’s an inspiring speaker, author and visionary occupational therapist. She loves to support women and their families make small yet profound changes so they can enjoy life no matter the situation. She is also a certified simplicity parenting family life coach, birth doula and Reiki practitioner. Her ultimate wish: That every mother and child listen and trust their intuition. 





what other women have said...

"Not to be overly emotional or anything, but this day was truly wonderful! The activities were well thought out and the size of the group was perfect. I enjoyed myself immensely and feel like I returned with a better understanding of myself. It was very cathartic!"
"I initially hesitated because I really didn't know what to expect, whether it was for me and it was a big investment considering I didn't really know anything about it! After speaking with Lynne, she encouraged me to try it out and I'm really happy I did."
"In one word, I would describe the workshop as: Enlightening. I was able to connect with myself and bring to the surface issues & emotions I need to come to terms with and overcome."
"The moment I heard about this retreat I wanted to do it— and sure enough, it was a soulful day! Jenn & Lynne, being outside & connecting with nature, the amazing lunch, experiencing it with one of my closest peeps, and of course— top highlight—receiving some love & nuzzles from the horses."

2018 workshop to be announced.


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