Simplicity for the Holidays (mini-workshop)


it definitely takes more...

skill, patience and energy to parent a child who is sensitive. Especially one who is intense and strong-willed. 

I often hear parents say "how do I nurture their spirit, without damaging it?" 

To tell you the truth, it's an ever-evolving process that takes conscious effort.


let's talk about:

  1.  Learn what it means to be sensitive and how to decipher what is typical behaviour or an actual sensory processing issue.
  2. Explore what is required of you as a parent, sensitive or not
  3. Gain insight about the journey of raising a secure and functional HSC


Location: Online via Zoom- an easy video platform

When: Last day before December. Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 8pm-9pm EST

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I believe...

  • the holidays can be such a fun time of year
  • taking some time to reflect and be intentional is wise

A little about me.

When I discovered that sensitivity is a temperament trait, it explained a lot!  It helped me accept who I am and shift the pattern of being hard on myself for being "

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