Healing in Relationship

In relationship with others and ourselves, we heal and grow. We can also hurt and harm.

Our role is to witness and move through the triggers, shame, fear and distrust we face; stirred from past experiences, societal pressures, cultural ways and beliefs passed from generation to generation.

Our journey is to remember to accept and love ourselves through it all.

Triggers. And shame.

For men…

  • Shame is failure. At work. In your marriage. In bed. With money. With your children. It doesn’t matter— shame is failure.

  • Shame is being wrong.

  • Shame is a sense of being defective.

  • When people think you’re soft. Shame is weakness.

  • You can’t show fear. You can’t be afraid.

  • Being criticized or ridiculed.

For women…

  • Shame is anything less than perfect.

  • Being judged by other mothers.

  • Being exposed— the flawed parts that you want to hide.

  • Shame is when you can’t pull off looking like it’s under control.

  • Never enough at home. never enough at work. never enough in bed. never enough.

  • No seat at the cool table. the pretty girls are laughing.

We are all mirrors for eachother.


explore the darkness.

Be curious.

Apply compassion and love.

be the light.

Sacred masculine

We all carry these archetypal energies.

CREATING. DOING. ACTING. from a place of love.

Wounded masculine: competitive, separate, abusive, destructive and afraid to fail.

Sacred masculine: leader, courageous, loyal, adventurous, trusts in the unknown and acts from a place of Knowing (confidence).

The Sacred Masculine says, "I trust myself to know exactly what I want to do, and when to do it, because I love myself innately."

The Divine Masculine energy knows that you cannot get it wrong.

What do you stand for?  Where can you apply trust? How can you show up as a leader?


divine feminine

courage crown.jpg


Wounded feminine
: doubtful, stagnant, confused, resentful

Divine feminine
: tender, wise, patient, nurturing, flexible, fertile.

Feminine intuition is one of our most powerful tools for guidance, and we all have it.  “She” leads us in the right direction every time. 

When we are not listening or heeding her warnings, the voice gets louder and our discomfort grows.  Out of balance and ignored, she loses self-respect, discernment and the ability to love herself.

Could you improve your listening skills to honor this aspect of yourself?

uniting both

In this energy, we adapt and course-correct accordingly. We allow and we act. We create and we slow down. We give and we receive. We are rooted and we flow. We bounce back from judgement. We go gently.

then it happens.jpg

What are you afraid of?
Do you notice more masculine or feminine tendencies?
What would it be like to lean into the discomfort?

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