This can mean the literal dreams you have at night— do you remember them? What messages do they bring? And the dreams you have when you are awake. What does your heart long for? Pay attention to what lights you up. What excites you. It’s safe to go there. To explore. In the meantime, if you removed the blocks in your way (like time, money, energy, yourself), what would you do?




What does being playful mean to you? What memories do you have of playing as a child?

Some of the qualities of play: enjoyable/fun, lost in the moment-times goes by fast, unconcerned about what others are doing/thinking, a space to be creative and use imagination where there are no rules or pressure.

Crafts. Sports. Reading. Writing. Singing. Dancing. Socializing.

Think of a time when you were immersed in the activity you were doing. What do you enjoy doing for fun? Is being playful come naturally to you? Would you like to incorporate more leisure into your day/week?