thriving in the light and dark


For many of us,

mothering is a bit like walking on a path we’ve never travelled,
in a forest we’ve never been in,
heading to a destination we’ve never heard of.


There is so much beauty to be experienced along the way,
but for fear that we might take a wrong turn,
we sometimes neglect to appreciate the journey.


As women,

stumbling along this unknown road,

we judge ourselves for all the things: yelling, working all the time, not working enough, being too soft, too hard, over giving, under receiving, regretting, hating, doing it for them, not doing it at all, letting them cry...or not...


Sound familiar? So much shame...


But the fact of the matter is that all of
these things we judge ourselves for— 

they’re part of the journey, part of the job
and we all wrestle with them at one time or another.
The trick is, to be in that struggle and know that we’re doing a good job.


So I got to thinking, maybe creating a safe space to explore some of this would help.

Gray is a four-week offering,

designed to act as our guide through the forest while appreciating the view and finding a calm, grounded, centered version of ourselves along the way.


It is possible to release ourselves of shame and guilt.

It is possible to feel seen, heard and validated.

It is possible to find stillness in the whirlwind that parenting and life can be.

It is possible to stay grounded and let go of self-blame.

It is possible to find our way.


Join myself, Lynne Newman, and Grief Mentor Donna Helete

from May 7-31, 2018 in an online collaborative journey

working in an intimate group

with daily prompts and weekly 1-hour check-in calls

(Thursday evenings 8:30pm EST via Zoom).







 Let’s navigate these woods together.


"You know that feeling when no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to keep your head above water? Like you're drowning in a sea of to-do lists, chores, work, kids and life! I've been there and Lynne was one of my lifelines. She is my motherhood mentor, my parenting coach and my constant reminder to sloooow down and keep things simple."


The four doors we will walk through


1. Reclaim the dark parts of yourself,

2. discover the many middles,

3. recall the cadence of your soul

4. and journey the thread. 

Registration closes Friday

$497 CDN ($247 this time only)

Starts May 7-31, 2018
Daily guided prompts in secret FB group
  Four Thursday evening calls (recorded) 


I’ve run many groups before, like the Simplicity Parenting Series, however this is a first time for Gray and I’m offering this special rate, in hopes of garnering your feedback and/or testimonials.

through this journey, you have the potential to:

  • Be more present

  • Strengthen your confidence

  • Feel understood

  • Deepen your acceptance and calm

"I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for something more than just another group. For women who want to parent and live in an authentic way that helps maintain family harmony."

"There was something quite liberating, to articulate the feelings and experiences around our journey, with someone who understands, and not just stating the mechanics of what we are experiencing, but the emotional impact of it.”

"There is something really calming and kind about Lynne's presence and I always feel wonderful about myself regardless of any insecurity. She makes me feel safe.

This is not for you if:

  • You want someone to tell you what to do. Although you will be supported throughout this process, it is up to you to do the work.

  • You are looking for quick tips and strategies.

  • You're simply not feeling called or the timing isn't right.

this is for you if: 

  • You put a lot of pressure on yourself and you're tired of it.

  • You find that you're comparing yourself to other women, hold resentments and secretly fear you're screwing up your kids.

  • Even though it may be vulnerable, you are ready and willing to dig deeper. You want to embrace you, your work, your life.


Lynne Newman-8090.jpg

A little about me.

A former-perfectionist, I'm a mom of two sensitive + willful children and the wife to an 8 year-cancer-warrior. As a holistic occupational therapist, I love to support women and their families make small yet profound changes so they can enjoy life no matter the situation. I am also a certified simplicity parenting family life coach and Reiki practitioner.

Gentle rebel. Adventurer. Dreamer. Creative. Space holder.

Gray Mothering has become my compass + soul's work.

My dream is for every women and child

to know their beauty, light and power

amidst the dark, the light and

everything in between. 


Why? Because when our wounds go unhealed, we pave a path that is less than desirable for our children. I know you know that we have a responsibility to prioritize ourselves and our healing at this time— as individuals and as a collective. It's not always easy, however the alternative of staying stuck is not either. When we show up for ourselves, we give others permission to do the same. Including our sons and daughters. xo



“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscape but in having new eyes.” —Proust

frequently asked questions

How many people will be in the group?
The group will be between 8-12 people. 

I'm a bit hesitant to communicate in a group of strangers about all of this stuff online...or perhaps it is easier than being live in a group?
This work does require a certain level of vulnerability and it is normal to feel some resistance. There is no pressure to share more than you are willing and yes, being online may provide a level of ease and comfort. There are also agreements in place to ensure a circle of trust. 

I choose the light, I don’t live in darkness. Why do you focus on the dark? 
The darkness is a spoke on the wheel of the Gray Mother because it is where growth can happen. If we choose. When we ignore this part of ourselves, we unconsciously dampen our light by numbing, sabotaging, hiding, projecting and blaming. We can only shine as bright as we go deep. Here's to shining your dark. 

Money is tight. 
One mom wrote me this: "My first instinct is to say no to these 'better myself' things because of cost (I understand this is an amazing value but thinking through my process) and then I thought, “I just threw down quite a bit of cash making sure my kids have quality summer programs”. SO in light of this small (and not even wine-induced) epiphany count me IN. Time I spend some of my own money on ME *gasp!*

Want to join? Here's how. 
Click Join Now button below. You will fill out simple form as well as make secure payment via credit card or Paypal. We will add you to the Gray secret Facebook group on Sunday before we begin on Monday, May 7!


Registration closes Friday

$497 CDN ($247 this time only)

Starts May 7-31, 2018
Daily guided prompts in secret FB group
  Four Thursday evening calls (recorded) 

I’ve run many groups before, like the Simplicity Parenting Series, however this is a first time for Gray and I’m offering this special rate, in hopes of garnering your feedback and/or testimonials.

Please note that once you register, no refunds will be issued. This keeps it simple— for you and me. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and so we will review any unique and special circumstances, however a $50 administration fee will apply. 

Do you have questions? Let us know.

*Group calls will be recorded if you happen to miss a session. 

*If you have benefits that cover occupational therapy, you will receive a receipt to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement upon completion of the group. 

more words from others

“I always come away feeling more at peace, with grace for myself as a mother and with some doable actions after a session with Lynne”.

"Your expertise is incredibly valuable; the insights you share would be hard to find in a "search". The group format would not be something I would normally be interested in— as I like being a fly on the wall. BUT I found the group to be a safe space to share; and in return, learned from the other moms who also shared their stories. I highly recommend your program!"

"Lynne is such a spiritual connoisseur. She has boosted my journey by about 1000!"