You show your family your beauty and courage in the way that— you take care of yourself, listen to your inner voice and trust the deepest parts of yourself (even when it goes against conventional wisdom).



Six Week Program

simplicity parenting series

Using the extraordinary power of less to raise calmer, happier and more secure kids. 

Next session winter 2019.


Monthly Group



It definitely takes more skill, patience and energy to parent a child who is highly sensitive, especially when a parent is too. 

Join us in a monthly conversation where we listen, talk and normalize what it means to be sensitive. Learn from others and simply feel better knowing your'e not alone.  



Simple from the start


Let's talk simplicity in a world that is not quite so. Especially when adding a baby to the mix. All of the baby stuff, information and opinions can overwhelm the best of us. Join Lynne Newman, occupational therapist and simplicity parenting family life coach, in a discussion around minimizing stress in your home and walk away feeling more calm.



Gray Mothering— there’s more than one way


No one can ever prepare you for the transformation that happens when you become a mother. It’s life-changing to say the least. It can be hard, messy and beautiful. Lynne Newman, holistic occupational therapist and simplicity parenting family life coach will lead us in a conversation on how to ease the stress and overwhelm and find your way while you navigate life as a mother.






When life isn't so simple

We can agree that being a parent while juggling all of the other daily responsibilities is not that easy. And when you add an unexpected change like a move, career transition, loss and/or illness, life becomes much more overwhelming. Listen to how Lynne Newman, adventurous mom to two daughters and wife to an 8 year cancer warrior, transformed her life at a time where she secretly wished she could escape it.   



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A former-perfectionist and sensitive soul, Lynne Newman is the mom of two spirited daughters and the wife to an 8 year-cancer-warrior. She’s an inspiring speaker, author and holistic occupational therapist. She loves to support women and their families make small yet profound changes so they can enjoy life no matter the situation. She is also a certified simplicity parenting family life coach, birth doula and Reiki practitioner. Her ultimate wish: That every mother and child listen and trust their intuition.

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