There's no one way to birth a baby                                    


I want every woman to have the opportunity to feel supported— no matter the outcome. 

When you are pregnant, you are hyper-aware and sensitive. Therefore, birthing in an environment (wherever that may be) that is soothing to your senses and surrounding yourself with a team of people who you feel connected to can make the world of difference.

Finding the right doula for you can be a great add on to your birth experience. 


Benefits of having birth support: 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety during labor
  • Learn to use mindfulness + pain management techniques
  • Receive constant support and encouragement 
  • Decrease risk of unnecessary interventions

package 1- womb

Imagine creating time and space to process your fears and dreams—  whatever is coming up for you, we start there. 

  • 90 minute session (in Toronto or virtually)
  • Simple summary with resources 
  • Email follow-up 


 Cost $250

package 2- birth

                                     Ideal if you not only want to prepare for giving birth, but would like some calm assurance and guidance while you labour. 

  • Initial consultation
  • Two prenatal at 30 and 36 weeks + a postnatal visit within first week
  • On-call from 37-42 weeks with back up 


    Cost $1,400

Package 3- mother

Maximize a smooth transition by receiving support before, during and after baby comes.   The ultimate gift.                    

  • Birth package
  • + 12 hours of postnatal care (value $720)
  • Emotional, mental and physical support by regulated OT with over ten years experience in paediatrics 


       Cost $1,800

my own births

In March 2010 and 2012, I gave birth to both my daughters at home and am grateful for the positive experiences that I had (as I know that it doesn't always go as planned). For my firstborn, my husband was undergoing treatment for cancer up until three days before I gave birth (not easy) and despite this, we both rocked it. My second labor was faster (3.5 hours) and even though my daughter was 9.2 lbs with a significant shoulder dystocia, it was awesome. 

I believe there are many things that you can do to prepare for your upcoming birth just as you would for hiking up the Himalayas.  It's an honour to be a guide along this mom + baby journey. 


Curious about hiring me?

It doesn't cost anything to be in touch and so if you are intrigued, feel free to book a consult by clicking on the button where you will fill out a few questions. Once I have your information, you will receive an email or call from me within a couple of business days to schedule a time to meet for tea to answer any other questions you have and see if we're a good fit.   


*If you have coverage for occupational therapy, you can be partially reimbursed. 

 questions? Feel free to reach out here.