There's no one way to birth a baby                                    


I want every woman to have the opportunity to feel supported—
no matter the outcome. 

When you are pregnant, you are very attuned and connected.

Therefore, birthing in an environment

(wherever that may be)

that is soothing to your senses while
being well supported can make the world of difference.

Finding the right doula for you can be a great add on to your birth experience. 


Benefits of having birth support: 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety during labor

  • Learn to use mindfulness + pain management techniques

  • Receive constant support and encouragement

  • Decrease risk of unnecessary interventions


package 1- womb

Imagine creating time and space to process your fears and dreams—  whatever is coming up for you, we start there. 

  • 90 minute session (in Toronto or virtually)

  • Simple summary with resources

  • Email follow-up


 Cost $250

package 2- birth

Ideal if you not only want to prepare for giving birth, but would like some calm assurance and guidance while you labour. 

  • Initial consultation

  • Two prenatal at 30 and 36 weeks + a postnatal visit within first week

  • On-call from 37-42 weeks with back up doula

    Cost $1,400

Package 3- The ultimate

Maximize a smooth transition by receiving support before, during and after baby comes.                      

  • Birth package #2

  • + 12 hours of postnatal care (value $720)

  • Emotional, mental and physical support by regulated OT with over ten years experience in paediatrics


       Cost $1,800

Curious about hiring me?

Feel free to book a consult. Once I have your information, you will receive an email or call from me to schedule a time to meet for tea and see if we're a good fit.   


*If you have coverage for occupational therapy, you can be partially reimbursed. 

 questions? Feel free to reach out here.