No one knows what OT is! 


You love the profession at its core but like me, you want more time to focus on what matters to you— whether that is time for you, being with the kids after school or going on adventures. Plus, you have a story and passion that you just can't express in the traditional setting. 


I believe that: 

  • You have something to share
  • Our work is important
  • Slowing down is crucial to our well-being and health
  • It is possible to have time for yourself and do work that you love


You can have an OT mentor who understands and cheer you along the way!

healer heal thyself 

I don't know about you, but traditional settings where it is formal and a bit stiff, just turn me off. Finding the right fit, finding someone who was a good listener and non-judgemental as well as able to see the big picture AND break down the meaningful and practical stuff into small doable tasks...that is what helped me along this transformational journey as a mother and entrepreneur. 

I love working with smart woman who are trying to find their way. It's all so OT, right?         

Self-care. Pacing. Stress management. Life skills. Active listening.  And the Permission. Pause. Simplifying. Surrender. Alignment. Resonance.


Would you like to have a virtual tea together?

We can talk about your health, work, family...anything is possible.

 $100 for an initial conversation

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2. Conversation is done via Zoom— a secure video conference line that is easy to use

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Looking forward to connecting!