How to create space for your desires

I'm not sure you know, but last year my family and I fulfilled a dream of traveling to Bali for four months. And it wasn't that it was easy for us to make it happen. It was easier once we committed. Of course.  But we had to travel with $60k worth of cancer medication that had to be kept cold and the girls were 3 and 5 when we went! I also had to work through the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that could have held us back. Like the fear of losing my husband after we fulfilled our dream— because it felt like maybe this symbolized our last trip together (and I didn't want that). 

Three things that helped me in that 18 month lead up time to actually going were:

1. Simplifying. Our stuff. And knowing what mattered to us and why.

2. Equine therapy. Being in a group and with the horses allowed be me release some emotions around the fear that I carried and I was then able to connect to my inner knowing and awareness that things were going to be ok. I'm glad that I was able to move into a place of trust rather than being ruled by fear. Our trip was that much better because of it.

3. Like minded people.
Finding and surrounding myself with other women who can simply be who they are, not judge and are truly genuine with their intentions is also key for navigating life and dreams. It's nice to know you're not alone and to receive encouragement when needed. 

I believe in the power of shining a light on the dark areas in order to grow and expand and live a more grounded and calmer life— no matter what is going on.