How do you want to be perceived as a mother?

Earlier this week I gave a talk to 20 or so women— it was more me doing what I love doing best, facilitating deep and real conversation. 

I asked them to share one word that described motherhood as well as what gets in the way of being present. From there they dove right in. Really enjoying the space to talk openly about how they are REALLY experiencing mothering. And not just 'positive' and 'negative'. Just the truth without judgment. So important. When we can lessen the judgement, we get unstuck and feel less alone.

We often don't allow ourselves to share the hard stuff and the great stuff because we don't want to be perceived as...ungrateful, selfish, negative, bragging or too happy. 

This is a great little exercise...ask yourself this:

I don't want to be perceived as ______.
I want to be perceived as ________. 

Being aware of your train of thought is huge. 

All this to say, I acknowledge you and all that you are doing as a parent. No matter where this finds you and where you are at. Please know that you are supported, not only by me rooting you on, but by something much bigger. 

We share this big blue sky. You're never alone.

On this Mother's Day, may you acknowledge all that is real and true for you. The grief of what you may have lost or what may have been. And the joy of what is right in front of you.