There are many reasons for not showing up

Trying an adventure like Paddock can be very vulnerable especially when you don't know anyone. You aren't sure what it's all about and it's an investment in yourself, time and money. 

And it can also be super enriching to meet new faces. To be open to something new and different (hello, I can't be the only one who gets bored with routines!) as well as serve as an opportunity to show yourself some compassion. 

What is Paddock? 

It is a one-day-workshop using Equine Therapy as a framework to support Mom’s at all stages, (including those wanting to be Moms but experiencing fertility struggles and those who's children have left the nest). Click link to read more.

In case you are interested in attending the Paddock workshop or thinking of doing something new but you're not sure, here are a few external and internal blocks to address:


There is always something to sort out whether it's childcare, rides, house chores and family schedules. What needs to happen in order for you to go? Who can you ask for help from? What is your priority?

FYI: The all day workshop is happening on Saturday, April 22— the weather *should* be warmer! And we've added a Friday workshop for those who prefer a weekday in June .  This is a great exercise in letting go of having to do it all and receiving some help to run the ship while you're away for the day taking care of your self! 


A few years ago when I saw a two day equine therapy workshop being for $500, I knew I wanted to go but money was tight for us (cancer treatments, maternity leave and disability can add much financial strain but that's a whole other topic— stay tuned for a blog post about simplicity + money, we had a great thread going in the Facebook group). That very day, my mom phoned to say "since I just sold the house, this year I want to give you $500 for your birthday!" The money went towards paying for the workshop (even though we could have used it for other things because it was important for me to work through some stuff and I was intrigued)!  

And when it is a matter of not having "enough" money, instead of saying "we don't have the money", it's much more empowering to say  "this is not a priority right now" or "my priority is XYZ". 


I used to struggle with feelings of being selfish when I took some time for myself or spent money on myself. But after burning out four years ago, I realized I needed to up the ante. Ask for (more) help. Say no. Acknowledge what is. Sleep. Do what I had to do, to prioritize me so I could be healthy and well. 

It's not selfish, to prioritize you. It's necessary. Sometimes, the constructs and circumstances of our lives make it feel impossible but certainly, it is possible. 


Trust me, I've cried many tears about how much support (whether practical, emotional, mental, spiritual), I've needed. Asking for support or admitting you can't do it all, shows strength, not failure. 

Sometimes we are the givers, sometimes we are the receivers. AND sometimes, if not always, it is both. 

Let yourself receive and if you feel called and you are available, give yourself this transformational experience!