2017 Fall Simplicity Parenting Series

The fall is a time of transition and change— something that we can count on in life. The thing that I have found that has helped me through the ebb and flow of life (read: ups and downs) is not only to trust and let go of doing it someone else's way, but slowing the fuck down. Which takes some conscious effort and a bit of rebellion in our very fast paced world. 

This is why I, and others, have found the simplicity parenting series so helpful. This is time and space that you create as a parent to reflect on the direction that you and your family are headed.  

These gatherings are not about quick fixes (is there such a thing?), however we are all about  'less is more' + doing what is sustainable. It is also nice to hear from other like minded people (who may make different choices than you but simply want what is best for their children). 

90 minutes of devoted time for six consecutive weeks. Doable and motivating. In our last group, we were parenting some odd 30 kids total ranging from in utero to 16 years of age. Pretty neat to think of the ripples created. 

The group starts online next month- Monday, October 16 from 8-9:30pm EST. You can read more here. Oh and enter promo code BACKTOBASICS before Wednesday to receive $100 off. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to hit reply.

Looking forward to connecting with you, 


P.S. If you live in or near Toronto and are intrigued by horses or would love a day away from the fam, there's always the option of joining us on our last retreat of the year—Friday, October 20. Read about Paddock