Week 4: Play

other things to do with baby + For you

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With baby
Ontario Early Years Centres (free drop in)               
Mommy Connections
Movies for Mommies
Jill and Bean Stalk (store and workshops)
Tokki (second hand store and workshops)

Rest. Declutter. Eat. Sleep. 

Permission to claim time for yourself
Delegate. Ask for support. Receive. 

What do you need?  


a balance: activity and downtime



It is more essential than ever to prioritize moments of self-care. 

How are you with slowing down? Allowing for rest? Letting go of doing it all? 

Make a choice to balance out the activity and downtime in your life according to you and your baby's needs. 

Baby steps. And celebrate where you are right now!


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recommended toys

  • Toys that attach to stroller
  • Picture books with familiar photos that baby sees
  • Textured teether toys
  • Cause-and-effect toys
  • Soft toys
  • Baby mirror
  • Mobiles
  • Small rattles for hands and feet
  • Play gyms with overhead toys
  • Stacking cups and blocks

Making eye contact, engaging with, massaging, wearing baby and leaving baby to play on floor/in reclined seat are all great ways that you can play with baby. 


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