Week 5: Mealtime


the foundation of feeding skills



Sleep is one of the most challenging aspects of parenting during the first year or two of a baby's life. 

Doubt, frustration, sleeplessness can get to the best of us and  affect our ability to function and cope throughout the day. 

Remember that babies are as different from each other as we adults who raise them. 

And there is hope with some intention that you can optimize your and baby's sleep. 


highchairs, cup drinking and spoons

sleeping baby in high chair.jpg


Child will be in semi-reclined position when introducing baby food on spoon (bouncer seat, car seat) until he/she has sufficient head and trunk control for a high chair. 

When your child



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4-6 months. Drinks on demand every 3-4 hours.

5-6 months. Intro of baby foods. Play. explore. get messy.

6-7 months. One-two times a day. 

7-8 months. Twice a day. 

8-9 months. Three times a day. 

9+ months. At every meal. Offer drink in a cup.

*Gagging from 8-10 months is normal. Your job is to not scare your child by panicking. Talk about what is happening and help as needed. "Oops, a little too far back", "you can use your tongue to push that out like this", "mommy will help you", "chew, chew".

*Save clean up of baby's face until after the meal is done. Preferably out of the high chair as this reduces the association between eating and unpleasant experience of getting his/her face washed/wiped. 

*Between 12-14 months, children should be transitioning off all baby foods and onto a completely table food diet.  

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foods to avoid

  • Nuts because of their shape and density
  • Cut grapes, cherry tomatoes, cherries into small pieces
  • Limit salt hidden in processed breads, cheese, etc. Avoid adding to food. And of course sugar. 

easy finger foods

  • steamed/broiled whole vegetables (green beans, corn, cauliflower, broccoli)
  • raw sticks of cucumber (coolness is soothing on gums)
  • thick slices of avocado 
  • thin strips of chicken or beef
  • fruit: pear, apple, banana, peach, mango— whole or as sticks
  • breadsticks, rice cakes, toast 'fingers' with hummus




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